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Dear Parents and Students,Hope you all are doing well! We have begun holding classes and are open for new registration. […]

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Training, 10/25/2019. Picture credit: Erica Tournament 11/10/2019 Our Teacher : Sensei Parkhi Rai

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Benefits of Karate Training

Karate training at IMA is much more than just a physical experience, however. It is a complete discipline that also involves the heart and the spirit. It is through training your body that you can learn to also discipline your mind and temper your spirit.

The most important goal of IMA karate instructors and their students is to help one another develop a balance within themselves so that they may express their true natures and ultimately become better human beings. By joining IMA, we will help you develop your self-confidence and your self-discipline, help you focus your mind, improve your self-esteem, and have a more positive attitude.

Why You Should Choose IMA Karate

Choosing a karate school (dojo) is a very important first step for every karate student. You need to be sure that you find the place that is right for you and for your family. IMA provides a dojo environment where the training is serious but the atmosphere is friendly and supportive. Each student at IMA is able to progress at his or her own rate. At IMA, a student’s rate of advancement depends on personal ability and, more importantly, on their level of commitment to training.